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Trickle Charger: $129.95

Trickle Charger: $129.95

Book Your Trickle Charger Appointment for $129.95

With Winter weather upon us, it is important to assess your driving profile and to consider the purchase of a Trickle Charger.
A Trickle Charger is a car battery charger designed to constantly apply charge to a battery for a long period of time. It slowly adds charge to the battery, whether it is already fully charged or not. It is built specifically to keep a battery from being depleted from non-use. Because a Trickle Charger constantly applies a charge, it is recommended to disconnect and reconnect occasionally.

Benefits of a Trickle Charger for Your MINI?
- Suitable for charging once or twice a month for a day.
- Energy is transferred in a steady trickle, therefore leading to a minimum risk to the battery.
- Prevents sulfide on the lead plates of the battery; helping prolong battery life.

To book your Trickle Charger appointment, call us at 519-772-6464 or click the button below for a Service request.
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