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Brake Service Inspection $140/ Per Axle

Brake Service Inspection $140/ Per Axle

Every aspect of your service- from checking brake pedals,  fluids , and cylinders, to changing your brake pads, are performed by MINI Trained Technicians. Rest assured your vehicle is fully inspected by skillful technicians who know your entire brake system inside and out. 

We at MINI Grand River know that carefully coordinated components are the cornerstone of your brake's deceleration. For optimal performance, proper cleaning of all brake components is critical during any Brake Job. During each Brake Service Job, your technician will:

•    Clean all brake parts
•    Inspect the integrity of your brake calipers
•    Remove rust debris from your wheel hub and brake caliper hanger
•    Minimize your brake's heat buildup

For each Rear Brake Job, your technician will: 
•    Inspect your emergency brake shoes for any cracking
•    Adjust the  handbrake  shoes according to the highest MINI specifications


To book your MINI Brake Service Inspection, visit us at 1800 Victoria Street North, Kitchener, or call us at 519-747-0269, or click the button below for a Service Request. 
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